It is not easy  to be a woman, it never has been. Even Mary having Jesus in the Bible wasn’t easy, having to conceive through the holy spirit and watch a child you love perish for the sake of mankind. For those of you that don’t believe, well? That’s not really my business.

There is no amount of words that can describe a mother’s love,  a woman’s love is greater than anything. Quote me, if you can’t, leave it.  I mean, You and i would probably understand way better when we become one.

You see a woman with two sons, it looks like she loves one son more than the other because she seems to pamper, pay attention to son 1 more than Son 2. It may seem so but it is never so. I used to think she really does love the first son more than anything but it’s a big lie. She loves both of them with the whole of her heart. What I didn’t know but found out is that the first son has flaws that if not watched in love may materialise to something else, something that would hurt this woman and probably every other person. So she tries to curb it through love, showers him with attention and even rebukes him in such a way that you feel very sorry for the second son. You see, when she rebukes the second son, you feel sorry because it looks like she really hates him and doesn’t rebuke the first son as much but it’s a lie. Open the eye of your mind.

Let’s take a new turn, have you watched when a woman is giving life?  Nine months and counting, she gives life. How can someone’s head, your head, come out from such a place? Some people’s head are pretty big that a woman would have to go through C-s. Recently i watched a video of a C-s operation and they kept cutting the stomach to get to where the baby was and in one swoop, they brought out the head and body, how can such a living thing be carried inside a living thing? And when there are two living things come out from that woman’s body? Glory to God. I hear there is usually  a bond that accompanies such but I cannot tell of it yet I see it in the eyes of mothers today. 

I know somewhere you may ask what about the women who commits abortion. Once again, you have failed to open the eye of your mind. To tell you the truth, women who commit abortion are not my business here but I’ll drop a note or two.  There are many reasons why a woman do  certain things, regardless of such/any reasons, I believe that once we understand our purpose as women, there is no boundary line called abortion that would defy us. Abortion is a boundary that cross against our purpose as women.

Maybe a story of John the Baptist’s mother and her period of childlessness would serve as an eye opener to the struggles of childless women and the agony they go through. No wonder i hated Buchi Emecheta’s Joys Of Motherhood, it pretty looks more like The Agonies Or tears of Motherhood to me. 

If you understand what it takes to receive life from God the real giver and give life again to that baby… moreover, we have heard it all over again. Single moms, oh single moms are super moms, fending for more than their own lives and what about unwanted children? what if that unwanted child was just meant to be an unwanted child wanted by the fulfillments he would offer to the world? The child is not your own to take,  he has a path.
There is so much to tell, really the life of a woman is not easy.

Somebody somewhere complained of women and their ability to multi task, do you even know what that means? I know you don’t. Doing more than one thing at a time with such dexterity and smartness is a wonder! Who wouldn’t want to multi task in such circumstances? There is the hubby, the children,  the tasks, the chores, the cooking..there is everything! Oh gosh, I fainteth not. Sometimes the woman gets drown in all this and needs to be reminded to treat herself specially.


To be a woman is not easy but I try not to think about it.
For your chauvinistic self, before you raise the alarm, I am talking WOMAN here. And yes I said it. To be a woman is not easy.

To be a mother is by far not easy as well but you wouldn’t know that would you? Only a mother would understand. Don’t argue. Let’s just leave it that way.

To be continued…


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