This Thing About Sacrifice.

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You failed, you we’re supposed to kill the waitress. She has seen too much already”

Mark seated on his fine mahogany table took a long look at his supposed hit man. He had a way of picking at his side hair. Mr hit man’s reply came in with a stutter. Nerves wrecking, splitting earlobes, a pouncing headache; all Mark could acclaim annoying. He threw a jug at him and missed.

 “That assistant of yours gave himself the bullets damnit!” He cried

The subject is sacrifice is debatable and over rated like karma. Somewhere on the shores of a white background, there comes scribbles from someone’s thoughts about karma that i read the other day. Twitter is a home of senseless and sense. So if karma is not even  absolute, what is his brother sacrifice doing then? And if the concept of it isn’t far fetched, such that evil/bad and good can go unrewarded, why are we still talking about sacrifice?

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