7 cures for a lean purse.

If you want more money in your wallet!Howdy Lovelies!

Weekend Awesome!
7 Cures for a lean purse.

Bansir, a chariot builder has a conversation with his friend Kobbi, a musical person. They bemoaned the time and effort which they used to build up their skills and become one of the best chariots builders and one of the best musicians yet they were still . They determined to ask their childhood friend Arkad for advice, since he had become one of the richest men in Babylon.

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Another interesting read: The streets are littered, dusk settles in and once again you saved yourself the disgrace of being seen. You had saved your finest piece of clothing for your evening ritual : a rough bleached out white shirt, a cropped up trouser with pocket holes and worn out sandals to match, didn’t you pick them up at the green house where the gate man dried them up as rags?
At exactly 4pm, your begging spree began…

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