Stuck In Somewhere.

Here is something you missed.

Ever been stuck in somewhere?
Hello Lovelies!

Stuck in somewhere, somewhere on the elevator, you didn’t panic at first, you were sure it would work out fine. You hit the buttons but no it wasn’t moving, the arrows wouldn’t blink.

Perhaps this was pay back for being such a jack ass. You had kissed your best friend’s boyfriend in more ways than one and you had not been able to stop herself. Now the elevator seem to be  saying to you. ” I cannot help myself, i cannot help you unless you help yourself”

You sank to the floor and tried to place a call but network would not permit. The elevator walls were closing in and you felt suffocated, you couldn’t breath and you start to panic. The only thought on your mind was how to tell the secret to your best friend and how she would react….
what works best for you when you are stuck in somewhere like Rosie?
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