Once, i went out with my sister and decided to practice the mastery of the cutlery, well? My fork was on my right and knife was on the left instead of the reverse, the chicken fell on my legs and i was terrified!

On the streets at granny’s house, there lies a troublemaker, at least..that’s what my friend Dubm calls me, for drinking garri outside my fence.

It was a chill out day and I sat down to watch a movie,

I started to cry, I can be that emotional ( you can never know this! ) but I am that lady that can appear all bone faced.

…to cut out some pages of me, I am not the usual Arit and Tunde that you meet on the streets. I am not a jewelry or fashion or food fan or freak, I just love whatever is good or best for me!

I love life, I love people and oh my! I love to write and talk. I talk a lot, on paper. You would notice when you stay.

I have an eye for:

Build the man, build the community

It is only when I build/train myself that I can purposefully affect my community greatly.

Sustainable development

Any development, however small that is not sustainable towards advancement is half baked. We need this or we perish

I want to build a team of expert thinkers and world changers! In myself and in others. We are gods!

Transformational relevance and positive change.

One must live a purpose filled life, I mean what solutions are you meant to solve? Why are we here?
I am here to create content on paper, craft out stories and be an eye opener and so much more(ask me later)… I will be the first to talk about anything and tell you what I think.
If you cannot just find the words from your hearts or minds, I’ll pull them out.

The story about the life you are living is here.

I started this blog to express the pages of my mind. To flip open the book of my mind. In relation to the world around us.

Did I tell you that i believe in the power of people, potentials and purpose? I believe your mind is a great tool for sustainable heights. Look through me, spirited, purpose-driven equals me.

Social reformer
Crazy creative writer
I love pen and paper.
Fun loving and simple.

Call me The Storyteller.
That’s the definition of me.
Welcome and Thanks for taking out the time.


8 thoughts on “About me

  1. I read your write up and I like it.the way you described your reasons for expressing your thoughts through writing serves as an encouragement to those who are aspiring to pour out their thoughts through writing but are afraid to do so

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  2. Sweety your right ups inspires me alot, every time i read them, i get motivated and strenghtened to fight back. Thanks alot. Like i said i thank God for meeting someone like you. You are a blessing to this generation. Keep it up.


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