Benin Men Are Ridiculous!

Imagine walking into an office, along the way, you see a small crowd of people, obviously waiting for something and one of them leaped forward¬† grinning and shouting "come here!" He grabbed my hand almost immediately and i jerked it off him and shouted back "come on, leave me alone!" Everyone laughed and one man … Continue reading Benin Men Are Ridiculous!


Help! I May Die Of B and F!

Oh my! First of all, in this place, living off this place called Benin city, i¬† may die of Boredom and Frustration. Sighs. Oh! You thought I meant Boy- Friend? Nah! Boys, guys that are friends are not the issue, boyfriends ain't the problem. The problem is that this place can be annoying! I hate … Continue reading Help! I May Die Of B and F!

25 Days in Edo, Benin City #2.

Back on my corper shun stories, this is another story to behold. My second write up was on the start of the camp, 25 Days in Edo, Benin City #1. That's not all, edo camp was like staying on an island full of soldier ants that would bite you off. These soldier ants could rep … Continue reading 25 Days in Edo, Benin City #2.