Stuck In Somewhere.

Here is something you missed. Ever been stuck in somewhere? Hello Lovelies! Stuck in somewhere, somewhere on the elevator, you didn’t panic at first, you were sure it would work out fine. You hit the buttons but no it wasn’t moving, the arrows wouldn’t blink. Perhaps this was pay back for being such a jack … Continue reading Stuck In Somewhere.


7 cures for a lean purse.

If you want more money in your wallet!Howdy Lovelies! Weekend Awesome! 7 Cures for a lean purse. Bansir, a chariot builder has a conversation with his friend Kobbi, a musical person. They bemoaned the time and effort which they used to build up their skills and become one of the best chariots builders and one … Continue reading 7 cures for a lean purse.

This Thing About Sacrifice.

Howdy! I have something for you. An interesting read. You failed, you we’re supposed to kill the waitress. She has seen too much already” Mark seated on his fine mahogany table took a long look at his supposed hit man. He had a way of picking at his side hair. Mr hit man’s reply came in with … Continue reading This Thing About Sacrifice.