Before I Go Mad…

He actually followed me to the bus atop asking and begging for my number, my body is different, i was made on a special day...this that, he needs to call me. I stubbornly refused to give him my number, whats the point? Am i not back again here? Benin Men! This is the second time … Continue reading Before I Go Mad…


‘Hello’ …and The Man In Uniform.

Monday Musings. Hello, remember me? I was wondering if after all this years, Nigerians still do not embrace reading. To go over every stats on my blog, I have my lovely foreigners swimming on my sub. Hello Nigerians, can you hear me? I am in Benin City dreaming of how you can make me soar. … Continue reading ‘Hello’ …and The Man In Uniform.

Like Em..50 Shades Of Me.

Like a film: Dreaming Movies Now? Have you ever played a scene in your head and see it happen live? Or sleeping after watching a movie only to see yourself acting in the dream? How does that happen? I cannot tell. Some time ago, i read a writer say he dreamt about movies. Then i … Continue reading Like Em..50 Shades Of Me.