African Time Mentality Story.

You are excited to have gotten a lead on a job, you need it because you are tired of being unproductive. It's not like you are entirely unproductive, you have  some personals going on but you need a push called 'actual work'. It could save up time when you are busy lazying about the house. … Continue reading African Time Mentality Story.


Before I Go Mad…

He actually followed me to the bus atop asking and begging for my number, my body is different, i was made on a special day...this that, he needs to call me. I stubbornly refused to give him my number, whats the point? Am i not back again here? Benin Men! This is the second time … Continue reading Before I Go Mad…

Top Lessons I Learnt From Being Drunk.

Picture me sleeping by  the road side, dead drunk or stressing every letter on my every word... Nah! Take it back, picture me sitting lazily across the lawn sipping wine and dozing off. Now cut. This is raw and fresh. I am can be crazy, yes i know. Sometimes i like adventures and i am … Continue reading Top Lessons I Learnt From Being Drunk.