A Piece Of Drama: the Career Woman

ACT ONE, SCENE ONE. FADE IN. INT: Man stands arms akimbo as he paces up and down the room in deep thought. He picks up the phone to make a call.                                                                                                              MAN Hello Anna, can I come over, we need to talk.                                                                             VOICE What do we need to talk about that we … Continue reading A Piece Of Drama: the Career Woman


The Telephone Conversation.

Scene one In the scene, some loud music, two women stood dancing, they swayed their bodies in rhythm to the music, they had drinks in their hands, MikeĀ  made his way to the middle of the well furnished sitting room, there was an award on the table, it read BEST PLAYER, WORLD. He picked it … Continue reading The Telephone Conversation.


Snippet Stories On Sundays! Act One, Scene One In the scene, Mr Kola is just back from his shop, he looks very tired and restless and beckons his wife to give him food, he sat on the worn out sofa of his room and parlour apartment with a loud thump. MR KOLA: Abeni, you won't … Continue reading A LITTLE PIECE OF DRAMA