It is not easy  to be a woman, it never has been. Even Mary having Jesus in the Bible wasn't easy, having to conceive through the holy spirit and watch a child you love perish for the sake of mankind. For those of you that don't believe, well? That's not really my business. There is … Continue reading BEING WOMAN #1.


Usher Girl #1.

The hall was getting cold, Rachel rubbed her palms together to keep warm and stared in frustration at the Air Conditioner, she was tempted to leave her spot. She badly needed to turn it off. The hall manager walked towards her, she could visualize, her head screaming ‘turn that damn thing off!” but she couldn't … Continue reading Usher Girl #1.

FROM FOUR WALLS #2. Ugly Acceptance.

It was a sunny day and the heat was working its way into Mide’s skin. She had serious headache as she squint her eyes trying not to bump into the thousands of feet that shuffled in and out of the cybercafé. Here she was, going back and forth concerning this thing called registration, she was … Continue reading FROM FOUR WALLS #2. Ugly Acceptance.