Charles was startled when he heard his name, for the first time in his life, he felt an inner peace of fulfilment and admiration.he had received utmost care and attention, showered with praises and felt high at the great multitude of people that had come to watch him. He had no idea what they wanted him to do but he knew his presence was highly appreciated, he knew he had done something great that people where grateful for and he knew this platform was exactly what he wished for in his life. The lady across couldn’t take her eyes off him, he somehow learnt she was the president’s daughter…he would woo her later, he thought in his mind. Looking farther ahead, he saw the minister full of smiles walking towards him. And the president was at his back, coming through to give him a handshake. Charles was about to shake the president when he heard a sound, it was as if someone was calling his name and pulling him to get up, it was his little sister, he woke up with a start, he had been dreaming.

 So we have many charles of today. There is charles who keeps on dreaming and pushing, another who is waiting to be pushed and another who isn’t ready to be push at all but just keep complaining. And the question that is in our hearts is the question we keep asking everyday of our lives. It has become a cliche, full of incapabilities, cocooned in uncertainties, garnished with futility, designed by ourselves.

 …Like a mad man chasing nothing.

 Alexander graham bell,

Michael faraday

Benjamin franklin

Winston Churchill

Chinua Achebe

Wole Soyinka

Isaac Newton

Albert Eistein

Mike zukerberg

Fela Anikulapo kuti…

And the list is endless! Won’t you join it? These names ring a bell of jingling successes  in our heads such that our hearts crave and cry out for that which is to come for us. What is that which is to come for you by the way? If u sit at your corridor brooding over split milk ,embedded in frustration, loss, fear and failure which is a norm you should know by now that you have to face and overcome, then its either you want to be in the park or ahead of the park.

 Its a straightforward message that confronts your very own life. Your problems do not need to be defined anymore because we’ve all heard it over and over again and we will still continue to hear it as long as you stop it.

One should note:

 Progress is not an illusion, it happens but it is slow and invariably disappointing-George Orwell… Rapid progress is not possible, you meet with Mr challenge and Miss fear, don’t forget Brother Failure, kip running but do not run after shadows keeping your fingers crossed.

 If you rest, you rust..Helen Hayes those who fail to strive will regress… What are you waiting for? Pick your spade and dig, dig well and deep.

 The harder the conflict, the more glorious the truimph..Thomas paine. You want to own a mansion? Start by building a hut!

 If you think you can or you can’t, then you are probably right. Mark Twain. Nobody will force you to live and live well.

 Sucess is somebody else’s failure Ursula k. Le Guine. There’s not always a win-win situation, you fail today, rise up again today for tomorrow…it appears it wasn’t  your gloryday!

 Do it free and later charge a fee! Jimi Tewe. Don’t be consumed with the love of money or you get ruined, if you want money so bad that it erodes your passion, name and purpose, go directly to central bank, am sure they’ll ‘send you an army.’

Don’t be a copycat! You won’t last… Cole Eniola



Who are you?

Why am I here?

What solutions am I?

What problems am I meant to solve?

Who has that problem that am a solution to?

What’s my gift?

Where is my natural habitat; field?


No man is an island, you need: 3levels of association.


The right peers


There is usually no limitation to one’s vision unless the one you created however form it appears. Where is that name that defines that purpose?

Jimi Tewe

Joke jacobs

Aliko Dangote

Gani Fawehmi

Mike Adenuga


Add yours….. And say…

I am ‘sexy’

I am brilliant

I am the person they’ve been looking for.

The world is waiting… Waiting to appreciate you.


3 thoughts on “Snippet Stories

  1. Good work dearie!
    Jst 2 buttress ur point;
    Content is the essentiality of life.
    Without it the world can’t appreciate us.


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